How do I apply lipstick correctly?
      Take a look on a page "APPLYING" above!

                                                                                         Are your products vegan?
Yes and cruelty-free aswell!

                                                                                       Do you ship internationally? 
Yes, we ship our products worldwide. Within the Baltic states we offer OMNIVA logistics as our delivery option. Worldwide we offer mail delivery at the moment.

                                                                      How long will it take for my products to arrive?
Usually it's around 1-3 working days in Baltic states and up to 10 working days worldwide. We dispatch our orders as soon as we can and then it's up to courier/mail.    NB! Regarding to COVID-19 pandemic delivery may be delayed. 

                                                                             Are your products produced in Latvia?
                        As technologies and getting raw materials for producing liquid matte lipstick are not possible in Latvia yet, they are produced in Hon-Kong. But we are                                                                                                    working on new cruelty-free cosmetics line which is produced in Latvia! 

                                                                                   How to pronounce brand name?
          "FSHN" is an abbreviation of word fashion and krieg is spelled [kreeg]. Krieg from german means "war" and by adding both words together we get "fashion war". 

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