Matte liquid lipsticks - it’s a product that you have to learn how to use. Same as with a paintbrush, paint and canvas - not everyone can make a masterpiece on their first time. But with the right practice, you will able to see progress. For a matte liquid lipstick to look amazing, you will need patience, precision and confidence.

First, you have to take good care of your lips. Matte liquid lipstick won’t look good if your lips are chapped. If you have this issue - exfoliating your lips will help. Before applying a matte liquid lipstick, put on a lip balm/lip moisturizer and pat it down, so the lip balm is not too thick and doesn’t mess up the application. Your lips will be soft and moisturized - ready for applying your matte liquid lipstick.

Second, you should be applying your matte liquid lipstick carefully and precisely. It’s not a product that you can easily apply by looking at your phone’s screen reflection or by using your front camera. You should use a mirror and good lighting. To perfectly apply matte liquid lipstick - practice makes perfect. Nobody has learnt to ride a bike on their first try either. Firstly, you should start by applying lipstick to each lip separately and make sure to not rub your lips together. Secondly, even out your application and make sure your lip line is straight and even. And finally, only let the lipstick dry when you are happy with your results. Matte liquid lipsticks can make your lips feel dry, especially when applying more than one layer. So, it’s important to practice your application evenly with one layer.

Third, to see the true potential of your matte liquid lipstick avoid eating oily and greasy foods while wearing lipstick. Your lipstick will be a great addition to your night out with cocktails but having McDonald’s at 6 a.m. in the morning might not be a good idea if you still want your lips to look flawless.   

Fourth, if your lipstick needs reapplying, make sure to apply it only on the areas that need it. It is common for matte liquid lipsticks to rub off on the inner parts of your lips, so try to apply it only on the spots that need it and try to not go over your previous layer of lipstick. If you are off on a grand adventure, it’s best to take your product with you as it's easier to re-apply your lipstick rather than trying to take it off with water and tissues. If you are desperate to take off your lipstick then your lip balm or moisturizer and a pile of tissues should do the trick.

And last, the matte liquid lipstick can be taken off with waterproof make-up remover or most facial oils. Make sure to take off your lipstick before going to sleep - you might be able to do it in the morning but you will probably be stuck with some leftover pigment on your lips.

Wishing you a pleasant lipstick experience,